map to buried treasure

Image credits: Jon S@flickr

The unique characteristics of the robot house, its robots and research have appeared in a great quantity of media, including newspaper articles, television and radio reports. On this page, you can find a selection of recent coverage in which it is one of the thematic foci or the sole main contribution.


Welwyn Hatfield Times article: Kaspar and the Robot House in local schools for the UK Robotics Week 2018

BBC One series: Holding back the years inside the Robot House

BBC Radio Four Woman's Hour interview: Kerstin Dautenhahn on Robotics (from minute 18)


BBC Two series: Six robots and us (featuring Kaspar)

BBC Three documentary: Can robots love us?

News article on Retiring with robots? How your folks will get high-tech help


Interview with The Guardian: How a robot could be grandma’s new carer


BBC Technology report with Zoe Kleinmann: Step inside the secret robot house


BBC Newsround series with Ricky: A sleepover in a robot house