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What does the future of robots look like? This and other questions have been asked to Robot House manager Dr Patrick Holthaus, who was interviewed by Jack, age 8, in his fortnightly podcast Jack to the future, a podcast for children and grownups that recently won the BBC Young Audio Awards in the rising talent (ages 8-11) category.

In the episode the future of robots, Jack and Patrick talk about what the Robot House is and why it is there; how people find it interacting with robots; how they are programmed and about the jobs and activities that robots can do. Both discuss what the future of robots may look like and how they may fit into our daily lives in the next 30 years or so.

In some of his other brilliant episodes, Jack and his guests talk about what is changing in the world, what the future could be like, and how we can help. Jack to the Future is available on various streaming platforms such as Apple play or Spotify.

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