AAIP Feasibility Study to happen in Robot House

Researchers in the Robot House are beginning a new project which explores the link between effective safety performance of a robot and its social credibility.

Dr Catherine Menon and Dr Patrick Holthaus are using the facility for the SocCred project, which is funded by the Assuring Autonomy International Programme.

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University of Oslo uses Robot House for care research

The Robot House has welcomed a visiting researcher from University of Oslo’s Research Group for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (ROBIN).

Doctoral research fellow Trenton Schulz is using the facility to design new, user-centred adaptive technologies for use in care settings, as part of the Group’s Multimodal Elderly Care Systems (MECS) project, funded by the Research Council of Norway.
The overall aim of the project is to create and evaluate mobile robotic systems that can sense, learn and predict future events in a home environment, such as falls among older people.

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